B.C. Marina's and Anchorages


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A reboarding device is required in Canada, If the vertical height that must be climbed to re-board the boat from the water is over 0.5 metres.

What they do

A reboarding device allows a person to get back onto the boat from the water. Being able to re-board your vessel is very important and even more so if you are the only one in the boat and have fallen overboard. That is why a vessel that has a freeboard of greater than 0.5 metres is required by law to have a re-boarding device.

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Image from RCM-SAR site


Going boating? Grab a lifejacket!

Dozens of marinas around B.C. have Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR) “Kids Don’t Float” boards with free loaner lifejackets for children.  Through this program, the RCM-SAR has endeavoured to reduce the fatality rate and increase public awareness of child drowning issues.

Do you know how Estimate the Range and Bearing to a Flare.

The techniques for estimating the range and bearing to a flare are simple and should be part of every boater's bag of tricks.

Did you know that flares expired after 4 years from the date of manufacture, but expired flares can be saved as back-up flares for about 10 years to expand signaling time in the event of an emergency. Then, they become unstable and should be disposed of.

Do your flares need replacing or are you just going to get some new ones and add them to the existing flares on board?

Before you race out and just grab what’s on the store’s shelf, consider the following.

Next in line after a PFDs, fire extinguishers are a very important safety item. Although not all boats are required to carry a fire extinguisher, it is highly recommended that you do.




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