B.C. Marina's and Anchorages


Boating and Alcohol

Operating a boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs is not just dangerous, it is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. Some boaters are not aware of this fact. Others, unfortunately, simply choose to ignore it. Being in control of a boat is like being in control of a car…. You have to be responsible. You can be charged if a police officer believes your ability to operate a vessel has been impaired by alcohol or drugs, even if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is below .08%. The penalties in B.C. are as follows:

  1st Offence : At least a $600 fine
  2nd Offence : At least 14 days imprisonment
  3rd Offence : At least 90 days imprisonment
  There is no limit to the fines; the lowest is $600
  If someone is injured or killed, the sentence may exceed 10 years imprisonment.
  Insurance may not cover you

Canadians will lose their driver's licence or be prohibited from operating a vessel for 3 months, depending on the charge. You will also have a criminal record that could prevent you from being bonded or will bar you from travel to many countries.

Boating Violations

The following boating offences are also in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada:

  Operating a boat in a manner that is dangerous to the public.
  Operating a vessel while impaired by drugs
  Not keeping watch of a person in tow (water-skiers, etc)
  Towing a person after dark
  Knowingly operating an unseaworthy vessel
  Sending a false message (i.e.: false distress calls)
  Interfering with any marine signal by tying the boat to a navigation signal, buoy, or other sea-mark used for navigation purposes.
  Wilfully altering, removing, or concealing a signal, buoy or other seamark used for navigation purposes.




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