B.C. Marina's and Anchorages


Harbour Quay Marina

Address: 2900 Harbour Rd Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 7X2

PH: (250) 723-1413

Website: http://www.portalberniportauthority.ca/en/harbour-quay-marina


Location: Guest moorage, power 20 / 30-amp, water, washrooms, showers, laundry, garbage disposal, security, wireless internet service, cell phone reception

Nearby Facilities: launch ramp, bus service, stream train to Mclean's Mill, restaurants, post office, marine mechanic charter boats, ferry to Barkley Sound, liquor store

Chart: 3668

Map (address): Port Alberni Water Aerodrome, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
Map (latitude): 49.23221
Map (longitude): -124.81362




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